10 & Under Red Ball Tennis
10 & Under Green Ball Tennis
Junior Development
  • Small hands, small racquets, small court and big smiles! Our future tennis stars are on the path to playing tennis for the rest of their life. Fun with friends and instant success!

Sat 10-11am | Sun 12-1pm | Wed 6-7pm | Thu 4-5pm
6 week session | 1 hour per week | $120

  • A basic 12 week series covering stroke production and technique.  Our highly qualified instructors will start those that have never played or need to work on their basic skills before advancing.  Learning great fundamentals is always difficult in the beginning but leads to a quicker transition to intermediate and advanced play.

Sat 12-1pm | Sun 2-3pm | Mon 6-7pm | Tue 4-5pm | Wed 6-7pm | Thu 4-5pm
12 week session | 1 hour per week | $270/member

 Our NEW Junior Developmental Program offers older juniors over 10 years old the chance to          learn the game of a lifetime.    The emphasis in class is technigue, movement, tactics and mental tips to help all students to perform at their best-all the while having fun.  This program is geared for students with beginner to novice tennis experience but have a desire to learn the game of tennis.

Wed 5:30-7pm | Sat 12-1:30pm
12 week session | 1.5 hours per week | $405/member | $495/non-member​

Moorestown Academy Program (MAP)

Orange Ball Ages 7-9    Fall Session 2023

14 weeks Mondays 6-7pm 9/11 start
14 weeks Wednesday 6-7pm 9/6 start
14 weeks Saturday 10-11am 9/9 start
14 weeks Sunday 12-1pm 9/28 start 

  • Play is faster
  • Implementation of advanced techniques, spins, and tactics.
  • Longer rallies for individual/team events.
  • Advanced development of ABC's 

Monday, Wednesday 6-7pm| Sat. 10-11am
Sunday 1-2pm



 Spring 2022

RED BALL   Ages 5-7     Fall Session 2023

 14 weeks Mondays 6-7pm 9/11 start
14 weeks Wednesday 6-7pm 9/6  start
9 weeks  Saturday 10-11am 9/9 start
9 weeks Sunday 12-1pm 9/28 start

  • Slower play on small court
  • Individual /team games & activities are played.
  • Development of ABC's! (Agility, Balance, Coordination).
  • Development of technique & simple tactics.

 Monday, Wednesday 6-7pm |Sat. 10-11am
Sunday 12-1pm

Green Ball Ages 10-12             Fall Session 2023

14 weeks Mondays 6-7pm 9/11 start
14 weeks Wednesday 6-7pm 9/6 start
14 weeks Saturday 10-11am 9/9 start
14 weeks Sunday 12-1pm 9/28 start

  • Play is faster than Orange Ball
  • Continued Development of advanced technique and tactics.
  • Individual & team events are played.
  • Player able to use control and have tactical awareness.

Monday, Wednesday 6-7pm | Saturday 10-11am
Sunday 1-2pm

We are currently registering open enrollment for Fall Sessions.  To sign up simply call the front desk to register or stop on in.

Rosters are almost full.   SIGN UP NOW!

*All programs have ability to makeup classes within session signed up for.  Credits for existing session expire at end of session signed up for.*
*No Refunds*

​-Junior Membership $100 for the year.  All guests without membership pay additional $10 fee/class-


Junior Development Series

Our Junior Development Program is designed for novice and intermediate level players that are looking to gain skills in order to play on a high school team or work towards being a match player.  Whether your child is a seasonal player or simply picked up the racquet as a teenager, this program will provide your child with the necessary skills to be able to compete in match play.   Developing players in this program will have an opportunity to move into our Tournament Training Program.

*Please note that only Junior Members can register for the program.  Please ask front desk about memberships if you are not already one.  Thank you. If guest you will pay a guest fee per visit

Fall Session 2023         Starting 9/6

WEDNESDAYS: 430-6pm    14 weeks
SATURDAYS: 11-12:30pm   14 weeks

                             *Guests pay additional $10/class*

The Moorestown Tennis Club is introducing a new and exciting Training Program designed for 14 & Under as well as high school students looking to improve their tennis skills to move up on their high school roster.

In this program we will be covering everything from advanced technique of all tennis strokes, doubles positioning, doubles strategy, conditioning, and breakdown of match play situations!

Our goal is for everyone in this program to start competing or improve in USTA tournaments throughout the training year as well as roster improvement on respective High School Teams

Fall Session 2023

Sessions starting 9/5

Tuesdays   (14U)            5-7pm    14 weeks
Thursday  (14O UTR)  5-7pm    14 weeks
Saturdays (Open)        11-1pm   14 weeks

Please contact the desk for more information and enrollment.